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It ‘s our great honour to introduce to you about our company.
We have provided company profile consulting and designing service for more than 7 years.
Virtually every company needs their own company profile, especially those who are contractor, sub-contractor, manufactor or exporter, attending Trade fair…
A company profile contains of 2 major parts: (1) image of products and/or projects conducted by that company and; (2) contents, those 2 things present to their potential clients/ partners about:

(1)  Who that company is?
( which means: what that company’ mission, vision are; that company’s human resource is…)

(2)  What that company does?
(Which means: what that company provide/supply…)

(3)  How that company can help?
 A company’potential clients/partners do not know what the company can provide them in the future. However, they can know for sure what that company has done for previous clients/partners who encounter the same problem as them.

A company profile can be  usually used to present about company for 5-7 years or more,
And it increases capability of closing deal for your company.

We are happy to consult you a company profile that most fit your industry, at the very best price.
Feel free to contact us via mobile phone: 0084 90 323 9768 or                                   email:

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VN Designers
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"As a freelancer in graphic design, this is where I share my passion because through working, to share is to develop my skills as well as to earn my own living. If the information provided is not enough, please do not hesitate to let me know. Thank you for your kind support"


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VN Designers

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